Growing Success



In the office at ASES, we have many books, DVD’s and pamphlets for you to sign-out.  They are on many topics to help with issues you may have or need information on.

Please visit the office to sign these out.

Books at ASES:

  • Family Math
  • ABC’s of Anger Management
  • Hints, Strategies, and Insights to help children and adolescents be successful in school
  • Strategies of bringing parents and teen together
  • When Moms and kids have ADD
  • 1-2-3 Magic – Effective Discipline for Children and DVD
  • Too Stressed to Think (guide to staying sane)
  • Tell me another (story telling & reading aloud at home, at school & in the community)
  • Reading Magic
  • Teens speak out about teens in trouble
  • Internet Safety Tips for Parents
  • How to reach and teach children with ADD/ADHD


DVD: Parenting the Explosive Child


Video: Unlocking the key to every child’s potential


Pamphlets for you to take:

  • Bullying
  • Helping your child do Math
  • Helping your Child with Reading and Writing




Book Notes”
(notes on novels that are still in copyright – chapter summaries, character studies, setting, plot…)
Books Online
Info about print disability e-text
Aesop’s Fables
Online Texts 
Literature and educational articles
Information on learning disabilities
Bridges – company dealing with assistive technology
Learning disabilities
Books Online








Click on the Growing Success words to link you to a brochure by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  It welcomes parents to view a document called, “Supporting Your Child’s Learning Through Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting”.