ASES Belief Statement

The members of the Archie Stouffer Elementary School community believe in the following:

  • Respect for yourself, peers, adults, school and your community through actions and speech
  • Striving for academic, athletic and social excellence
  • Working to the best of your ability, individually or as a team
  • Open communication among staff, students, parents and community
  • Peaceful resolution of differences
  • Acceptance of consequences for all actions in order to promote responsible, respectful behaviour


At Archie Stouffer E.S., students have:

a right to be heard and a responsibility to listen,

…a right to a safe playground and a responsibility to use the equipment properly,

…a right to a safe school and a responsibility to help keep it safe,

…a right to personal space and a responsibility to respect others’ privacy,

…a right to learn and a responsibility to come to class prepared,

…a right to be respected and a responsibility to treat others with respect,

 …a right to know the rules and a responsibility to follow them.
(Jaguar Educational Posters)