Good Standing Policy

During the past six years, we have been proud to observe continued adherence to our Archie Stouffer Code of Conduct due to our “Good Standing” Policy.  Through its use, we will continue to encourage and uphold high standards of behaviour and academic effort . All students who follow school rules, demonstrate respect and complete assigned work to the best of their ability are recognized as being “Students in Good Standing” in our system. In order to review the policies and to clarify our expectations for any new students and their parents, the following specific criteria are provided.

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 Archie Stouffer Elementary Code of Conduct 

At Archie Stouffer Elementary we strive to learn and practice the skills that will make us productive and successful citizens – at school and in our community. We expect that staff and parents will model these skills.

We know that certain behaviours are never acceptable in a safe and caring school community. 

We know that discipline is training method that teaches students proper behaviour and corrects behaviour mistakes.  Use of discipline demonstrates that we value a safe and caring school.


Code of Conduct (Key Points)

  • (1) Students should be outside at appropriate times
  • (2) Movement through the halls should be quiet and orderly
  • (3) Students should be to school and class on time
  • (4) Students should be in class at appropriate times
  • (5) Students leaving school prior to regular dismissal or at lunch should have a signed note
  • (6) Hats off at appropriate times
  • (7) “Hands off , Feet down”
  • (8) Speak to one another with respect. Abusive and/or profane language will not be tolerated
  • (9) Weapons are prohibited at school
  • (10) Tobacco products, matches and lighters are not permitted at school
  • (11) Portable/electronic devices should not be visible
  • (12) Vandalism will not be tolerated
  • (13) Follow garbage and recycling processes
  • (14) Students must stay within school boundaries
  • (15) Projectiles (rocks, cones, snowballs) are not to be thrown at school or each other
  • (16) Appropriate clothing should be worn to school
  • (17) Wheeled vehicles are not to be ridden on school property during the school day

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 School Yard Rules

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Sports at ASES

At Archie Stouffer we are committed to demonstrating the components of a healthy lifestyle to our students, in terms of understanding good nutrition and avoidance of substance abuse as well as the importance of physical fitness.  In addition to our Phys. Ed programs and quality daily physical activity (QDPA) that are provided as a part of our regular curriculum, we offer a good balance of intramural sports for fun and enjoyment and team tournament sports with a more competitive focus.  Intramurals and team sports can only be offered because our staff come forward and donate their free time and expertise on a volunteer basis.  It is important that students understand and appreciate this gift of time.

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