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The amazing weather has finally arrived in Ontario!  We have been waiting a long time for the warmer days and longer evenings.  During this time, we are beginning to put in our gardens, listen to the symphony of birds that fills the air, and watch as the leaves are beginning to open and the world is starting to be painted in a million shades of green.

Yesterday, the Minister of Education and the Premier of Ontario announced that the schools in the province would remain closed for the remainder of the year and that we would be continuing our learning @ home journey. This was really big news that impacted all of us and it might take a bit of time to process.  That’s okay.  We are getting new information every day and sometimes it can seem difficult to keep up with the every changing situation.  Remember that you are not alone and that if you require support there are many resources available to everyone in our school family.

Wow! What an adventure it has been!  For the past couple of months we have all been learning together and overcoming obstacles that seemed insurmountable in the beginning.  I am so very proud of the work that our community is undertaking each day and the amazing learning that has been happening.

As a staff, we are beginning to look at the final month of school and reimagining the wonderful traditions that we hold so dear like Grade 8 Graduation and Welcome to Kindergarten.  We are awaiting direction from the Ministry on Report Cards and September start up and know that everyone there is working behind the scenes to make things happen for students and their families.  We are so grateful for their direction and support.

It is sad not to be able to see each other every day but we all know that it is so important to keep everyone safe in our community.  We do love to visit virtually and see what you have been up to so please keep sending us pictures and videos of your learning at home.  We love to celebrate them with you.

Please know that physical distancing does not mean that you need to be socially isolated and reach out if you need a listening ear or some answers to questions you may have.  I can be reached via text or phone call on my cell at 705-731-7283 or at email [email protected].

All my love and admiration,
Jane Austin

HFOS Distance Learning Mission Statement
We will support meaningful learning opportunities with a goal  to remain connected in our communities and with our school families.

Our Mantra
Keep it small and keep it simple.

News and Updates

Access to Schools
We promise to update families when we are allowed to grant access to schools to gather personal belongings.  We are continuing to await direction from our local health officials on that front.  As of the publishing of this email access to schools is still only for authorized personnel.

Grade 8 Graduation 
While we are not able to gather in the traditional way, the Intermediate Leadership Teacher Team is working hard to make an amazing Grade 8 Graduation happen for our graduates.  Stay tuned for details.
Grade 8 students were asked to send us their shirt size and a baby photo, but so far we only have just under half of the students who have responded by yesterday’s deadline.  If you haven’t forwarded those items in our online form, please do so asap.
Feed All Four
Video: How do you Feed All Four?

We are encouraging all TLDSB school communiities – our staff, our students, and our families to share videos, photos, messages, anything they are doing to feed all four.

We have recently launched Feed All Four @ Home with activities for students and families to use together or individually. Each activity is represented in one of the Feed All Four framework items –  body, mind, spirit and emotions.

We will be asking folks to tag @TLDSB using #FeedAllFour from their own social media. For those with limited internet access,  we are suggesting they send in drawings or writing by email to [email protected], call and leave a message at 1-888-526-5552, or by mail – if they are receiving regular deliveries and pick up of learning materials, please include with your next collection. Otherwise, mail any materials and messages to: 300 County Road #36,, Lindsay, Ontario K9V 4R4

All the pictures, videos, drawings, and messages we receive will be shared on TLDSB social media, and posted on our website.

The campaign will end on May 29 – but we hope the drive to feed all four does not end!
The Feed All Four @ Home webpage has many ideas for how to feed all four but our families can come up with lots of ways themselves. This is our TLDSB way of being and we would ask that you participate in this campaign and encourage your staff to do the same and that your staff encourage students to also get involved.
Google Meet Best Practices
We have developed a couple of resources to help with Google Meets. There is a Google Meet Best Practices for teachers and a Google Meet Best Practices for students. These are posted on the TLDSB [email protected] framework site on Our Dock. And the student resource is also posted on the public TLDSB [email protected] site.