Wildcat Weekly Update

This week is Education Week in the Province of Ontario.  Usually, we celebrate this week in our buildings with one another.  During our Learning @ Home, Education Week takes on a much different vibe.  Our education is happening in our homes and online.  We are valuing authentic experiences like cooking and baking, exploring mud puddles, watching Spring awaken in our yards, going turkey hunting and making maple syrup with our parents, planting gardens, sharing family stories and anecdotes and taking time to care for our loved ones and neighbours.  These are all very important skills that will serve all of us, and especially our children, well as we move throughout their lives.  When I was growing up, I attended the Kinmount Public School.  There were approximately 60 students from Grades 1-8 enrolled, and when I graduated from grade 8 there were only two of us who graduated together.  I was so worried about what high school would be like for me.  Would I be able to manage the bigger school and the larger community?  The wonderful secret that I didn’t know then, that I value so highly now, is that the teachers at the Kinmount Public School intentionally created a learning environment where we were set up for success in our lives.  The staff focused on building a community where we looked after each other, where we learned together, where we helped each other out when help was required.  Our education extended far beyond the curricular areas of Social Studies, and English and Math, it included important life skills of caring for others and our environment, empathy, respect, responsibility and community service.  These are the skills that we espouse at Archie Stouffer every day, and these are the skills that our students and their families are practising daily during the COVID 19 Pandemic while we our Learning @ Home.

Please know how much we appreciate and value everything that you are doing to make this time safe for your family and for our community.  As always, please know that should you require any support or would just like to chat that you can contact me at [email protected] or text or phone 705-731-7283.

Keep sending us pictures and videos of your learning at home.  We love to see them.

All my love and admiration,

Jane Austin


What its children become, that will the community become.

Suzanne La Follette




Internet safety precautions are so important all the time, but in particular during this time of Learning @ Home.  During this time, your child(ren) may be using a variety of social media applications to enhance their online learning journey. In addition, many of our students have parental permission to use social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc.

Our teachers regularly remind students about the safe use of the internet – it is essential that this message is reinforced at home. One of the reasons I am writing this letter is to emphasise the importance of establishing parental controls or rules in your home around the use of social media sites.

I encourage you to visit the following sites for tips and tools about internet safety. If you choose to permit your child access to social media sites, please consider reviewing the suggestions and tips together.

We will continue to reinforce internet safety messages with students and appreciate your cooperation. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

ASES YouTube Channel

Don’t forget to like or subscribe to our Archie Stouffer YouTube Channel for quick access to all of our amazing videos and daily announcements.

ASES Facebook

If you have access, the Archie Stouffer Elementary School Facebook Page is a wealth of information and fun for our families and for anyone who is interested in our learning community.  Please follow us!


We had a wonderful response to our Rainbow Project.  Thank you.  You will get to experience the finished project VERY soon.

Family Learning @ Home Packages

Our amazing Parent Council wants to support our families at this time.  The response to their survey was AMAZING.  The Parent Council met on a Zoom Meeting this week to discuss and passed a motion to move forward with this project.  They will be in contact soon to advise us of the progress.

Haliburton Cares

HaliburtonCares.ca is a website that has been created by Haliburton Highlands Health Services to provide Haliburton County residents with up-to-date information and resources. On this website you will find community supports including access to free and low-cost food and free wifi. You will also find information on how local service providers can help you including parenting and mental health support for children, youth, and adults, and immediate crisis support phone and text lines. HaliburtonCares.ca is updated regularly so please check back often or call 705-457-2941

Service providers and your schools are here to support you during this difficult time. More information about other resources will be shared as they become available.