Wildcat Weekly April 20, 2020

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Wildcat Weekly April 20, 2020

Happy Monday, Wildcats. Wow! We are at the beginning of Week 3 of At Home Learning. It is amazing how the time has gone by and how much we have been learning over the past couple of weeks. One of the biggest learning curves for many of us in the online component and using our phones, our computers and our tablets in ways that we haven’t had to before. I am so proud of everyone for the resiliency and the perseverance that you are demonstrating throughout this time. A reminder that we are always looking for your feedback about how things are going for your family along your Learning at Home journey. Everyone has a different comfort level, and different levels of responsibilities at home and at work, which makes our experiences as unique as our fingerprints. A reminder that everyone’s personal health and wellbeing comes first – always. We are here for you!

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the tragedy that has unfolded in Nova Scotia over this past weekend. At times like these, it is so very important for us to reach out to those we love. Tragedies such as these can impact us in many different ways and challenge our wellness. I encourage everyone to value how they are feeling. Your feelings are important. If you need supports, please reach out to our local mental health agencies: Haliburton Highlands Mental Health Supports 705-286-4575; your family doctor, Point in Time 705-457-5345 or the supports that you might find here at this site: https://www.mentalhealthcommission.ca/English/external-covid-19-resources

This is an important week in our nation and in our world as both National Volunteer Week and Earth Day 2020 are happening this week. National Volunteer Week is an opportunity for us to celebrate all of the amazing people in our community who make a difference with their gift of time and talent. There are so many people at Archie Stouffer who volunteer to make our school a richer and more robust community. There are so many in the Municipality of Minden Hills and Haliburton County who make our community a safer, happier and healthier place to live. Please reach out and say thank you to a volunteer this week via a telephone call, a sign on your yard or in your window, an email or a Facetime call. If you would like you can draw a picture and email it to me and I will post it on our Facebook page @Archie Stouffer Elementary School.

This Wednesday is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. While there is so much that is difficult about this pandemic, one of the bright spots is the environmental rejuvenation that is happening as our communities are slowing down. We read about stories of diminished air pollution, cleaner water, and wildlife venturing into areas where they have not been for many years. I encourage you to take some time on Wednesday to consider how we might continue to harness the power of this change after the pandemic is over and we begin to resume our normal lives in our communities. If you choose as a family to participate in Earth Day (however you choose to participate in Earth Day), please send us photos or videos. If you use social media, please tag us on Facebook @ArchieStoufferElementarySchool on Twitter @ArchieStoufferES and #WildcatsROAR #EarthDay2020.

I appreciate so much some feedback that I received from one of our Wildcat parents, who wrote the following and stretched my thinking. I love the proactive language!

“Working in community health care we have now changed our language at my organization to Physical Distancing. We started doing it 3 weeks ago and are now noticing it’s being used more and more in media as well. Social distancing was proving challenging and problematic to many. Physical distancing seems to be good for maintaining healthy social relationships while staying physically safe 😉

Just a small play on words that seems to be taking some of the isolation away for some 🙂 “

And so I leave you with my weekly invitation to remember that physical distancing does not mean social isolation, please reach out to me if you have any questions, need any support or would just like to chat. My email is [email protected] and my cell number for text or phone calls is 705-731-7283.

Please know that you have my wishes for your continued health and safety.

All my love and admiration,

Jane Austin


Here are some updates that you may be interested in…

Learning at Home: Minister Lecce’s announcement about IPads for Families in Need

We do not yet have all the details about this program or how families may be eligible to participate. As soon as we know more information we will share it with you.

Contact Information

Please send us any updated contact information as soon as possible as needed to [email protected] or call me on my cell to provide it please. While we are apart, we are trying very hard to make sure that we know that everyone is safe. In order to do this, we need to be able to contact you. Michelle is doing a terrific job ensuring that there is contact with families, but it makes her job a little more difficult when she doesn’t have the most current contact information. THANKS!

Morning Announcements on You Tube

I would encourage you to subscribe to our Archie Stouffer You Tube Channel to keep up with our morning announcements. Mr. Buchanan continues to work with his leadership team. Mr. B is always looking for submissions of pictures and videos to include on the announcements. Please send them to him at [email protected]

April is Poetry Month

Here is a poem in honour of Poetry Month, which I dedicate to all of our students who are being such amazing and brave helpers during this time apart:

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
by Maya Angelou
Shadows On The Wall
Noises Down The Hall
Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All

Bad Dogs Barking Loud
Big Ghosts In A Cloud
Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All

Mean Old Mother Goose
Lions On The Loose
They Don’t Frighten Me At All

Dragons Breathing Flame
On My Counterpane
That Doesn’t Frighten Me At All.

I Go Boo
Make Them Shoo
I Make Fun
Way They Run
I Won’t Cry
So They Fly
I Just Smile
They Go Wild

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All.

Tough Guys Fight
All Alone At Night
Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All.

Panthers In The Park
Strangers In The Dark
No, They Don’t Frighten Me At All.

That New Classroom Where
Boys All Pull My Hair
(Kissy Little Girls
With Their Hair In Curls)
They Don’t Frighten Me At All.

Don’t Show Me Frogs And Snakes
And Listen For My Scream,
If I’m Afraid At All
It’s Only In My Dreams.

I’ve Got A Magic Charm
That I Keep Up My Sleeve
I Can Walk The Ocean Floor
And Never Have To Breathe.

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All
Not At All
Not At All.

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/life-doesnt-frighten-me-by-maya-angelou

HFOS Distance Learning Mission Statement

We will support meaningful learning opportunities with a goal

to remain connected in our communities

and with our school families.

Our Mantra

Keep it small and keep it simple.