Wildcats Weekly Update- September 5-8, 2017

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Wildcats Weekly Update- September 5-8, 2017

Archie Stouffer is proud to be a Leader in Me School.  This week, we celebrate Habit #1 – Be Proactive.  When we are being proactive we make sure we are in charge of ourselves: our choices, our language, and our decisions.  For example, we understand that if we decide to not pack an umbrella and it rains we may get wet.  When we think proactively we recognize that things are not happening to us, but rather that we are actively in control of those things we can influence in this case we cannot control the rain, but we can carry an umbrella.  When we think this way we are more effective people.

We are leaders because we are proactive leaders, we understand that if something happens on the school yard, it is important to find someone close by to help us with the situation.  All of our staff supervisors are wearing their bright orange ROAR vests which makes it easy to spot them on the yard.  We use proactive language to help explain our situation and we work together to solve the problem.

New Safety Signage and Emergency Horns at ASES
A special thank you to Dyson Alarms for all the work they did this summer to update our in school safety signage and alarms.  We now have new green exit signage, a new horn system to indicate a fire alarm and flashing lights in the gym when a fire alarm has been activated to avoid the noise being a barrier to hearing the horn.  Next week we will hold three Fire Drills to practice our emergency response.  The first will be held on Monday and the second on Wednesday.  The third drill will be a surprise day and time to see how well we respond.

Our school yard:
Our school yard designated areas have changed a bit this year to accommodate our numbers in each of the different groups.
Yard 1 the West side of the school will be for grades 2 and 3
Yard 2 the central courtyard and primary climber and play area will be for JK-1
Yard 3 the north-east side of the yard including tarmac and soccer fields will be for grades 4-8;  students in grades 2-3 will be able to access the soccer fields for play during the 15 minute recesses until their field is                 completed and the sod is established enough to play on.
Yard 4 the far north side of the yard including baseball diamond, climber and swings will be for grades 4-8
During the 40 minute lunch/recess break only yards 2 and 3 will be available to all students.  Students in K-Grade 3 will eat first (20 mins) and then play (20 mins).  Students in Grades ¾ to 8 will play first (20 mins) and then eat (20 mins).

School Yard Work Update:
Last year the Primary Team worked with students to gather their ideas and generate plans for a revitalization of the Primary Courtyard area.  This summer, Fowler Construction worked using the students’ ideas and plans to begin the first phase of the project.  The asphalt has been laid and the center of the space will be turned into a fun and engaging learning space using the children’s ideas.  It will be great fun to watch their plans become reality.
The space in Yard 1 (west side of the school) has had the amount of asphalt reduced and a space made for a playing field that will allow for wide-area games, e.g., soccer to take place.  Sod will be laid in the coming days.
The space under the shelters is being revitalized too.  One shelter will house a giant covered sand box and the second will be an area with tables and benches that will allow for visiting, classroom working space, board games, etc.  This part of the project was made possible by the monies raised at last year’s Family Fall Corn Roast and BBQ.  More details of this year’s Open House will be sent home soon.  We hope that you will be able to join us.

Leadership Opportunities Available:
Student leaders who are interested in a leadership position we are looking for you!  The following leadership action teams are currently open for applications:

  •  Assembly Action Team (Grade 6-8)
  • Catering Crew (Grades 5-8)
  • Shine Team (Grades 4-8)
  • Tuck Shop (Grades 6-8)
  • Welcome Team (Grades SK-8)
  • Technology Team (Grades 7-8)

Leadership Descriptions and Applications are are available at the Office.  They are due to the Office by Friday, September 8th.  Please submit them to Mrs. Austin’s attention.
Stay tuned for more Action Team postings.

New Year Assembly – Everyone is welcome to attend the Welcome Back Assembly on September 8, 2017 at 2:15 pm in the gym.  We are excited to have another year to learn and grow together at ASES.

Online Payment Options:  School Cash Online is an online payment system that offers an easy way for parents to pay for school activities, field trips, meals and events.  For more information about online payments, visit tldsb.ca/epayments  If you are ready to sign up go to tldsb.schoolcashonline.com

Challenge:  The first 5 people to find Mrs. Austin tomorrow and share with her their most exciting news from the first day of school will win a great prize.

Community Corner
Minden Cultural Centre Fall Youth Classes – Please see attached.

Enrichment at ASES
September 28th is We Day in Toronto.  Eight students will be given this really neat opportunity.  Stay tuned for details on how to apply and eligibility.

Service Learning at ASES
Plastic milk bags (the outer bag) are being collected to make sleeping mats for families in Haiti. They can be brought to the Office.  Project leader:  A. Mills, Gr. 1 Student

Don’t forget to follow ASES on Twitter @ArchieStouffer  or on Facebook Archie Stouffer Elementary School

Have a lovely week!

Upcoming Dates:
September 8th Welcome Back Assembly 2:15 PM

September 19th Picture Day; International Talk Like a Pirate Day, “Say Arrr!”

September 28th September Salad Club – bring in your donation of one piece of fruit and one veggie and enjoy an all you can eat salad buffet!

September 28th We Day in Toronto

October 13th Health Unit Vaccinations for students in Gr. 7 (any Gr. 8 that missed last year)